About Us

My name is Allison and I fell in love with a boy; a Bosnian boy named Bakir.

Before him, I had never heard of Bosnia, let alone tried any of their food. We came from completely different backgrounds, he a Muslim Bosnian American and I spiritual California girl through and through.

Fast forward a couple of years and I am in Bosnia, tasting the most delicious, thinly sliced Suho meso (similar to beef proscuitto) and Sudjuka (similar to beef salami). Cheeses, breads, soups, and desserts I had never dreamed of!

Now here we are at the present. I realized, there isn't enough variety in the charcuterie business. I don't eat pork for dietary reasons and so many people don't eat it for religious reasons.

So I decided I would share my love of Bosnian meats and open charcuterie up to a wider audience. These meats are like nothing you've tried with the perfect combination of smokey, salty, slightly sweet flavors. Thank you for getting to know me a little and I can't wait to send you your first box!
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